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                        Indika Rocks

INI photos 6jpegA potent unit of power, Indika Rocks , future pioneer of a new genre of rock has arrived. This New York based artist has captured the true essence of rock ‘n roll . Her debut single “Seasons Change,” an inspirational song for all, no matter what race, creed or color; produced by legendary producer Anastas “Nas T” Hackett. The album, soon to be released is comprised of the eclectic mixes of reggae, hip hop rock , jazz and gospel. This exotic sound definitely elevates rock to the next level.


                Her funky hybrid fusion, gives Indika Rocks, a sound that’s different than other music out there. Indika rocks , lead vocalist, native of Jamaica W.I. now residing in Brooklyn, N.Y. Her powerful vocals will lift you to heights you thought you could never reach. A sound so intense, it will have you begging for more. In other words, this delicate beauty with a rocky edge is not only bringing a different look to the rock game, but also a different sound as well. “Away from it all “ is an album packed with feelings and strong emotions based on real life experiences. You are guaranteed to be taken on an emotional roller coaster ride after listening to song like “Its Over “ an upbeat bounce groove, and “Sandy”, a song about a friend, who was killed by an obsessive boyfriend, a hypnotic head trip that pulls at your soul, and “Feel the Fire” does exactly what it says, it makes you feel the fire burn within.


                Known for her electrifying live shows, Indika Rocks commands stage with powerful energy that will dizzy your senses, leaving the audience feeling like they just stepped off a merry-go-round ride. So captivating that the song “Its Over” was number one on for three straight consecutive weeks, which is a popular website for music viewed by people all throughout the world. Indika Rocks have been known to tear the house down in some of N.Y.C hottest rock spots such as the Crash Mansion, the Lion’s Den, the Super club, the remote lounge, and as well known Central Park, just to name a few.


                As a singer/song writer, Indika Rocks posses all the qualities it takes to have longevity in the music business. She has a persona that true “Rockers” represent ; an original concept with a unique sound. Musical influence include the Beatles, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimi Hendrix etc. Only once in a life time will you come across a rocker that can create a whole a whole new market with her music. The next level of Rock is in the making, and Indika Rocks is just the one to take you there. But don’t take out word for it, experience the ride yourself. Rock On!!